It all began in the 70's in Southern California fishing with my brother, Chuck.  We had the rare privilege of growing up around the "Trout Eater" lakes, and our love for catching GIANT BASS was born. Over all the years we dreamed of making our own custom baits for ourselves and others.

In November of 2016, we began to imagine, design and create custom soft plastics & lead baits for professional tournament anglers offering options not currently available in the retail marketplace.

We utilize proprietary manufacturing methods and techniques for state-of-the-art bait creation. From single pour to automated multi-color injection machines, we can do just about anything the mind can imagine.

Every angler is looking for that one "LuckyBait" that can fill the bag with more weight than everyone else. We have an exciting array of new baits in the works for the competition angler.

We know the right bait is all it takes. Let LuckyBaitz create your winning combination.

Our baits are CUSTOM and are being used by the TOP B.A.S.S, FLW and TBF Anglers across the tournament trail. If you would like to know more, then contact us at: luckybaitz@gmail.com.
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SnapBack and Flexfit.

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Craws Baits
Dropshot Baits
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Dropshot Baits
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Flipp'in/Punch Baits
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Dropshot Headz
Swimbait Headz
Buzz Baits
Flipp'in/Punch Jigs

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Introducing our Patent Pending
Python Wirekeeper System™
"Your bait stays on
until you take it off".
Swim Jigs
Dropshot Headz
Swimbait Headz
Flipp'in/Punch Jigs
The Premeir Hoodie for Every Bass Guy/Gal
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Richardson 112 Mesh Snapback Hat
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Premium 5.5oz - 95%:5% Cotton/Spandex
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Richardson 112 Mesh Snapback Hat
$24.99, free shipping w/ $99.00 Total Purchase

We are in the process of a complete website revamp and will begin taking orders for baits within the next 45 days. We got caught in nearly 6 weeks of quarantine on Japan Cruiseship and Lackland AFB. (We lost nearly 2 months, but are working overtime to catch up. We have a STRONG lineup of DIVERSE custom baits that we feel are superior to anything out there.

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